Some situations demand an external view without any prejudice based on the requirements and preoccupation of the clients. Our approach to private investigation is unique in terms of the dedication to listen to you and our empathy.

Our Private Detectives are trained on latest and modern technics of investigations.

  • Adultery, suspected infidelity, double life
  • Surveillance
  • counter-surveillance
  • Checks on childcare services
  • Alimony re-assessment investigation
  • Investigate Peer group of Teen
  • Breach of trust, pressure, threats
  • Criminal counter-investigations
  • Morality Investigations
  • Solvency investigation
  • Trace debtors
  • Investigation after larceny , searching for the missing objects
  • Pre-marital investigation
  • Surveillance of teenagers
  • Neighbor problems
  • Parental Services (Read more)
  • Surveillance of an individual and his close circle.
  • Trace runaway or missing persons
  • Address searches and validation
  • Search for heirs
  • Search and verification of Witnesses
  • Neighbor problem, rental disputes
  • Misappropriation of inheritance funds
  • Suspicion of alcohol or drug consumption
  • Suspicion of adherence to a sect
  • Investigation of a future tenant, subletting checks
  • Observation of nuisance, damage, juvenile delinquency
  • Investigation into moral corruption of minors
  • Checks on domestic staff

Payment Facilities

Based on the case assigned to our agency payment terms can be negotiated and agreed beforehand.

Appointment in a foreign language

Our experience and the privilege relationship we share with our large international client base, means it is possible for us to communicate securely and efficiently in the maternal language of our clients. We work with professional interpreters who understands their duty to keep professional secrets and are bound with our agency by a confidentiality and non-disclosure of information contract.  

  • Request appointment with a professional interpreter with guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Request a translated investigation report.