With a global network of partners/collaborators , mainly in EUROPE, ASIA and the AMERICA our agency has the expertise and capacity to intervene very quickly anywhere and everywhere in the world.

In case, our detectives needs to travel abroad they can rely on the support of our partners who has a good knowledge of the field and vehicles most suitable for surveillance mission as well as logistic needed. These local collaborators ensure that are our investigations are carried in optimum conditions.

Our organisational structure ensure we can offer most competitive prices for investigation that requires travel to foreign countries.
  • Surveillance, counter-surveillance
  • Criminal counter-investigations
  • Enquiries into moral behavior or situation
  • Surveillance of an individual and the company he keeps
  • Search for runaway or missing persons
  • Testimony searches and checks
  • Investigation prior to association, partnership or investment
  • Failure to comply with the employment contract / safety rules at work
  • Unfair competition
  • Client hijacking
  • Counterfeit investigation
  • Competitor counterfeiting investigation
  • Investigation linked to insurance fraud
  • Investigation within the company
  • Mystery client
  • Checks on franchisees / failure to comply with the franchise contract
  • Wrongful or fraudulent sick leave
Our global network of partners ensures we have access to Intelligence on international level.

  • Search for debtors
  • Financial and solvency investigation
  • Investigation prior to recruitment (in-depth examination of the CV)
  • Commercial intelligence
  • Economic intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment (economic, political, media …)
  • Competitor monitoring
Appointments in a foreign language

Our experience and the privilege relationship we share with our large international clientbase, means it is possible for us to communicate securely and efficiently in the maternal language of our clients. We work with professional interpreters who understands their duty to keep professional secrets and are bound with our agency by a confidentiality and non-disclosure of information contract.


  • Request appointment with a professional interpreter with guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Request a translation of investigation report.